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Welcome to Shock Stop

Reduce the incidents of electrical shock to the men and women who do welding,
and at the same time increase productivity.

That's the commitment of Shock Stop, an innovative product that protects welders from the all-too-familiar potential of electrical shock. Shock Stop is a microprocessor-based solid state device that turns the power from the welder on and off remotely by sensing the actions of the welder operating locally or remotely from the welding machine.

Shock Stop works with any direct current welder. No external power is required, and the user does not have to do anything during the welding process other than what he or she normally does... Shock Stop senses when an arc is established and initiates the protection. It has built-in diagnostics, and is easy to install.

We invite you to review the information about Shock Stop on this web site, then contact us for further details and costs. We look forward to hearing from you.